Cakes n Chemistry, Mulund - Cool Place to Hangout - Restaurant Review

If I am allowed to say this.. Mulund has very less happening places to eat and hangout. Cakes n Chemistry is one of the few ones. I have stayed in Mulund for 25 years, the way this suburb has evolved is commendable. With Tea Villa Cafe and Cakes n Chemistry, it is surely transforming into a happening place. Cakes n Chemistry is a hidden cafe for youngsters in and around Mulund. Not just youngsters, even the 30s like me would enjoy.

Food - Innovative Desserts It has some finger-licking menu to make you drool. Some cool Pastas, Burgers and French Rolls. Desserts are not to be missed. I did just that. Didn’t miss the dessert. I pounced on the Chocolate Fondue. The candle, liquid chocolate, little hearts to dip, wafer stick to swipe, oreo biscuits divided into 2 to dunk and of course small pieces of cake to prick and eat. What else can you ask for in a Fondue. But for a chocolate lover like me, who prefers the real taste of the chocolate plus some sweetness, the Fondue was way too sweet.…

The Bullish You..

When you stumble,
I weep.
When you fly high,
Sorrow gets sweeped.

Every morning I think of you,
Waiting for surprises out of the blue.
Afternoons I rush to see,
If you will leave me with any grief.

I love your curves,
The Bullish you,
May you rise,
And I look upto you.

Weekends I miss you,
More than anyone else do.
Why are you so cruel,
And ignore me too.

Monday morning arrives,
Again I long for you.
Chucking away everyone,
I stare at you.


Pizza Hut Reviews - Inorbit Mall, Malad - Head for Pizza only!

It is a weekday, a not so busy afternoon and hungry hour of the day. I hopped into Pizza Hut in Inorbit Mall, Malad. I have been here a dozen times earlier and gulped down dozen pizzas. This time I decided to ditch the famous Pizza at this brand place.

So, I opted for a Cheesy Jalapeno Poppers, Cheese Alfredo Chicken Pasta and Belgian Choco Milkshake. And looks like chefs often mess up with food they are not known for.

Poppers were fine. A bit on spicy side though, but bearable spicy. They were served with Chilli Mayo.

The Pasta seemed like they were sun-dried. Some of the Fusilli Pasta hardly had any sauce over them. A little more sauce would have made my day better. Chicken were added in the form of Sausages. Well, I was expecting soft-yet-chewy Chicken pieces. The 2 toasts alongside the Pasta were terribly toasted. Looks like it forgot to pop out of the toaster at the right time.

The Belgian Choco Milkshake was may be prepared by a first timer. If you serve lesser chocolate in…

Stacks And Racks - The Hidden Gem of Malad - Restaurant Review

An American Restaurant in Malad, Mumbai, Stacks And Racks is a hidden gem in the area. With a unique setup inside the restaurant, Stacks And Racks aces in many aspects.

The Food we gulpedChicken, Fish, Pork, Egg, Veggies, the menu comprises of all of them. Many dishes were rum infused or beer battered. Strangely only the food had liquor. The restaurant doesn't serve liquor separately. We ordered Nachos, Lasagne, Burger, Chocolate milkshake and Cheese cake. All of them won our hearts.

The Nachos is loaded with Chicken, Cheddar Cheese, Jack Cheese, Black Bean Paste and Salsa. An awesome combination I have ever had, yes the best nachos I have ever had.

The Chicken Lasagne was covered with Sauce and Cheese Sandwiched between sheets of Pasta. We dived into it as soon as it arrived, that is just after taking pictures.

After having these, we were almost full, except for a little space for some more hogging. So we grabbed the Nemo Burger. After 2 dishes of chicken, fish couldn’t be mi…

Destined to be...

I wish we were destined to meet earlier,
Our lives would have been more merrier.
I would have been in your arms,
Been most important of all your charms.

My feelings were dead and life was plain,
You swung in by and rose them again,
Laying my head on your chest,
You caressed it with all your best.
If we met not like we were destined to be,
Together we could be for years to see,
Similar likes and similar habits,
Compatibility would have been our chit.
Together we could live our passion, With our own life of creation. All crumbles of the day, At nights, on bed they would lay.
Biting your ears gently, Rolling my tongue on your shoulders, Down goes my fingers slipping off, When you rescue them with your Palm.
Holding hands tight, tucked behind on wall,
You look at my eyes, with desires they call.
Pressing with power, you don't let me move,
I wish for more, wildness for which I drool.
How long it took for me to understand,
The place where I currently stand.
Only thing I can do is long for you,
Hoping to meet some…

HypnoBirthing – A Blessing for Pregnant Women (Parentous)

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“Hypnosis” as known to all, has been a controversial treatment and often gives goosebumps when suggested. But a lesser known fact is that hypnosis for pregnant women has worked wonders, if practised correctly. Practising hypnosis during pregnancy is termed as “Hypnobirthing”. Framed in simple words, it is a relaxation technique which helps pregnant women have a painless delivery.

What is HypnoBirthing?

Relaxation, being peaceful & stress-free and a having positive mindset is of utmost importanceWhen a woman is pregnant, everyone around her offers advice, gives instructions and some of them even scare her about the painful delivery phase. Most of her life, she is made to believe that pregnancy and delivery is very painful. But most of the advice given by people would be based on things they have heard and not experienced. So it’s important for every pregnant woman to get the instructions verified by a certified…

That Woman You See – Sujata Parashar Book Review

With the emerging gender equality and women empowerment strides, the book That Woman You See by Sujata Parashar is a plus 1 for the efforts put by human rights activists. Sujata, who is herself a human right activist, has rightly portrayed the ideas of a modern woman. The woman likes to express her views in the way she wants to. She doesn’t prefer to hide her feelings.

The collection of 9 short stories, all focus on a single idea, but in different manner. The stories beautifully depicts on how the modern day woman would like to act upon in different situations. A woman who finds that her son is taking the wrong path in his marriage, stands up for her daughter in law’s rights by behaving rationally.

With a pinch of romance and tinges of suspense, all the short stories keep you hooked up till the end of each of them and wanting for more in the next one. Although the climax of most of the stories didn’t entice me. They seemed to be either incomplete or unsettling to be a go…